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On the first semester at university we had to make a model of a well known project from a famous architect...I begged my group that we picked the japanese guy just because . . . well he was japanese and I generally like japanese people *stupid ne? I know  -.-' * anyways they ended up agreeing with me and we chose Tadao Ando's Church on the water. 

The glass on the main room opens on summer and closes on winter

Please! how beautiful is that?! one day I'll marry on this church! *dreams away*

our pretty pretty model <3

ah come on...we had little benches! it was so cute and tiny xD

Tadao Ando was once a truck diver, pugilist and by his decision he became an architect. The greatest thing about him is that everything he learned was reading books and traveling...he doesn't have a architect degree and yet he won the Pritzker prize *the most important recognition an architect can possibly get*
After knowing his life and work I ended up discovering my favorite architect...the way he brings nature into his projects is just perfect really! I already told my aunt that when I visit her on Japan we'll make a tour to see as many Tadao Ando's buildings as possible! We definitely must go to Hokkaido to visit this church! *so what she lives near Nagoya? Let's go north! 8D*
After hearing that Sho-chan interviewed Ando on Zero I freaked out and just HAD to watch it, and guess what? surprise surprise I LOVED IT...come on Sho-chan is my ichiban and seeing him with my favorite architect, yeah you can say it is at least twice the usual fangirling xD the Mori no umi project I'm make sure that when I'm in Tokyo try to go there too ^^  it's actually similar the process that happened to a park near my house, before it became a park it was a place where people would dispose their waste, it's just sad really but seeing how well it turned out to be I hope that by the time I go to Tokyo more trees will be planted and the mori will be a just bigger and bigger :D

Now for Casa Brutus dear Sho-chan went to Naoshima's Contemporary Art Museum...I was waiting and waiting for the scans and when they came out I was so so happy *keep starring at the monitor for hours* but I mean that's a awesome project too and well there was Sho standing there! To make things short I freaked again *O* I still need an icon from that photoshoot!
AND...for my surprise on the last FC pamphlet he went all the way to the Church on the water and made a photoshoot there *faints*
please he's on my favorite Tadao's building! I can't be happier =D by now my aunt probably already received the pamphlet and well now I'll just have to ask her to send it here >w<

so lots of great things lately...I'm definitely a really really incredibly happy architecture student/arashi fan ^^

*keep staring at the icon*


I need to sleep now....


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