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yeah I do...big time =/

on Sho's bday I wasn't on the mood of making a post so I kept the window open but ended up not writing anything. But I still want to write him a bday post and it has to be on his month so, since january is almost over, he it is! ;3

From the 14th until the 19th  I was at the beach! got a little darker...not on a Riida level tho xD And well I always end up playing on the sand with my otouto <3 this time some event was on it's way so I ended up making this! :D


yeah I had to take pictures, 'cause you know when you write something in the sand is most likely that it will be gone the day after ....and it was so cute! <3

anyways when we are at the beach, my family and I always choose a spot and we keep coming back to that same spot at the beach everyday and guess what? when I arrived next day I found this!


and as you guys can see everything was gone apart from Sho's name! I mean what are the odds!? X3
I was so happy it lasted until the next day! but as a test I didn't touch it, I wanted to know how long would it last.
We were at the beach all day and when we left it started wasn't an arashi but still my hopes to see it again the next day pretty much disappeared =/ 

and again when I arrived the next day...IT WAS STILL THERE! I couldn't believed it resisted the rain...I was so happy =')

now I could insert a really big bla bla bla about how this was something that should go away fast and lasted longer than I expected and how it is totally similar to my whole Arashi addiction...anyways but it would be too big  and probably no one would read it ^^'

Lastly after I was said goodbye to the sea and all that awesome beach feeling this appeared while I was on the road:
In the end it was such a good way to come back home....being welcomed by a rainbow <3

well again...

I hope you keep on being the marvelous person you already are and above all things I hope you're always happy! ^^



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On the first semester at university we had to make a model of a well known project from a famous architect...I begged my group that we picked the japanese guy just because . . . well he was japanese and I generally like japanese people *stupid ne? I know  -.-' * anyways they ended up agreeing with me and we chose Tadao Ando's Church on the water. 

The glass on the main room opens on summer and closes on winter

Please! how beautiful is that?! one day I'll marry on this church! *dreams away*

our pretty pretty model <3

ah come on...we had little benches! it was so cute and tiny xD

Tadao Ando was once a truck diver, pugilist and by his decision he became an architect. The greatest thing about him is that everything he learned was reading books and traveling...he doesn't have a architect degree and yet he won the Pritzker prize *the most important recognition an architect can possibly get*
After knowing his life and work I ended up discovering my favorite architect...the way he brings nature into his projects is just perfect really! I already told my aunt that when I visit her on Japan we'll make a tour to see as many Tadao Ando's buildings as possible! We definitely must go to Hokkaido to visit this church! *so what she lives near Nagoya? Let's go north! 8D*
After hearing that Sho-chan interviewed Ando on Zero I freaked out and just HAD to watch it, and guess what? surprise surprise I LOVED IT...come on Sho-chan is my ichiban and seeing him with my favorite architect, yeah you can say it is at least twice the usual fangirling xD the Mori no umi project I'm make sure that when I'm in Tokyo try to go there too ^^  it's actually similar the process that happened to a park near my house, before it became a park it was a place where people would dispose their waste, it's just sad really but seeing how well it turned out to be I hope that by the time I go to Tokyo more trees will be planted and the mori will be a just bigger and bigger :D

Now for Casa Brutus dear Sho-chan went to Naoshima's Contemporary Art Museum...I was waiting and waiting for the scans and when they came out I was so so happy *keep starring at the monitor for hours* but I mean that's a awesome project too and well there was Sho standing there! To make things short I freaked again *O* I still need an icon from that photoshoot!
AND...for my surprise on the last FC pamphlet he went all the way to the Church on the water and made a photoshoot there *faints*
please he's on my favorite Tadao's building! I can't be happier =D by now my aunt probably already received the pamphlet and well now I'll just have to ask her to send it here >w<

so lots of great things lately...I'm definitely a really really incredibly happy architecture student/arashi fan ^^

*keep staring at the icon*


I need to sleep now....
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With real life and routine coming back is so sad to realize that my time is not 100% Arashi related anymore! I so ready for my july vacation...I want it now *so what it's still february*!!!! hehehehe
But every spare time I get is Arashi dedicated...My parents are starting to get mad at me because of this xD But I can't help it....they got me addicted to their fault not mine!!!!

Right now I'm really into Arashi's last appearence on Mucis Station!
First of songs! I loved both Troublemaker and Yurase, Ima wo !
Second Sho-chan not being  there was really bad, Arashi without Sho-chan is not Arashi right? But the second I saw him on the screen I was like "Kyaaaaa Sho-chan you're there!!! Of course they wouldn't sing without you!!!"
And in the end Sho appears!!!! He's a bit taller than eveybody...but seeing those adorable dorks playing with the virtual Sho was just great and so cute!!!!
This became one of my favorites tv appearances ever....cho kawaii ne!
I was watching it today and my grandmother (her parents were japanese) stopped by the pc and started to look at it. She's the only one that supports my Arashi addiction (mainly because I'm learning japanese, and you practice what you've learned when you watch videos, so if I practice a lot I can talk to her in japanese, and it makes her extremely happy), she says that someday I'll surely go to Japan, and I really hope that when this day comes she'll be able to go with me =)
So, after watching the video for a few seconds she said: "They're all very handsome ne! I can't really say which one is the cutest." Ahhhh I was like "grandma ( O . O )"  but at the same time so happy...I never expected her to say something like this!!! So the conclusion is: My grandma rocks xD



Feb. 19th, 2010 05:27 am
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As Riida said on a VS Arashi SP: Kyou ha watashi no TANJOUBI DESU! (ok, he said "boku no" but I'm a girl so I'll say "watashi no" ne!)
meaning -> Today is my BIRTHDAY!

But this year's birthday was so strange, it didn't really feel like it was my birthday, it was just another day. I guess that is the boring part of growing old, when we are kids vacations seemed like ages, like "I'm stating to miss  my school" or birthday's were full of excitement and gifts, it was like you couldn't wait for the day to come and you didn't want it to end. I still had the fun part of the waiting for the minutes to pass so that it would become my birthday but, once it came, it had nothing really special. Realizing that made me a bit sad, right now I wish I was a little kid again, just to enjoy this day to the fullest as I used to do, but I guess, as I said before, that this is part of growing up and there's nothing I can do about it.
Ja kotoshi mo ganbarimasu ne! daigaku mo nihongo mo watashi ha benkyoushimasu. koko de yakusoku wo shimasu, kotoshi watashi ha nihongo ni ganbarimasu, soshite nippon ni ikimasu. (trying to use my japanese a bit, but it's not good yet I still have a long way to go)

Enought of my birthday toughts...

I watched the Yatterman making and SP see the world that those people created and how they did it was just wonderful! I considerate very seriously taking the carrer of a scenographer, and to every detail of the sets was just really fun! It made me want work with it even more! xD

I also downloaded more videos from other Johnny's...mainly videos from Kanjani8 and TOKIO...

The Kanjani8's Puzzle DVD bonus were great, I had already seen the dokkiri...poor Shingo! The funniest thing about Kanjani8 is that they are a great band and everything but they are so mean sometimes(not in a really bad way though)! I have both neoki dokkiri and the Puzzle's dokkiri and... their minds are just evil! Ok, Yoko's mind is evil and everybody play along with it, but still....;D

And TOKIO, well I'm still starting to like them so I only downloaded old tv appearences, mostly Music Station ones...but they're nice =)

Well for my birthday I'll put my favorite pics here (The Arashi ones obviously hehehehe)!

A prince isn't he?
I don't really have words for Sho-chan, explaining why this pic is a favorite is possible but I know I'll end up repeating myself saying "Ah Sho-chan is so handsome and cute" many many times...So, not to say much, the explanation is: It's Sho-chan with that beautiful and breathtaking smile of his!

this one is really small, Aiba-chan's smile is in one word perfect!

This is from a calendar...I think that this photo is really beautiful! The vines makes a frame for Oh-chan's face and the butterflies...ahh sutekidesu yo ne!

Nino-chan+piano= kyaaaaa *hearts* and the color of his sweater in contrast with everything else so beautiful!

For me (Jun fans don't get mad at me!) the sexy Jun doesn't work, when he's cute or, like this photo, when he is just there being handsome is the best! In this one specially it looks like he's at peace and happy, in other words, the Jun I like!

Sho-chan+Oh-chan+children! Everytime I see them with kids is so cute that it end up becoming a favorite here is one of them!

I love every and each one of these little pics! And this is incridible really, I always have something I don't like in the photoshoots: clothes, background, pose... But in this one eveything is perfect!

I had a picture of all of them together of LJ doesn't seems to let me upload it =/

Ah and these pics, I got them either from my friend or on google a long time ago, so I don't really know who to credit for them....I'm incredibly sorry for this!

ja...bye bye~
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So, the Vancouver Winter Olympics started...and it was so funny when I turned on the TV and saw that the opening cerimony was being aired, the first thing that popped into my head was "Ah Sho-chan is there right now", it wasn't "How beautiful" or "Ah Nelly Furtado and Brian Adams are singing together" no, of course it was about Arashi xD

I was watching the speed skating men's final and the one of the United States athlete's name was Apolo OHNO...I mean what is the chance that a guy from the US has the same last name as Riida o.O Anyway, I ended up cheering for him...and he got the silver! But I felt so bad for the 2 korean athletes who were in second and third place, on the last curve they fell and then Ohno passed first I laughed, but imagine what is to work so hard for the Olympic Games and then fall in the finals...I really fell sorry for them...

I can't wait for the subbed videos of Sho as the Olympic caster!

Now for the stupid fan talk hehehehe
It's strange how fans end up linking EVERYTHING to Arashi, everything really... I'm taking about something like:
-You are watching The lighning thief with your Arashi obsessed friend and when you see a random guy making bubbles you turn to each other and say "That reminded me of Nino on Himitsu no Arashi-chan" and the funniest thing: both turn at the same time;
-When friends are talking about whales (ah it's a common topic, sure!) and you start extremely excited: "I saw a show *you don't mention that the show is from the japanese band you are addicted to, of course* where the whale licked a guy! And as strange as it seems it was cute" and is no suprise that the friend from the topic above was with you, obviously she looked at you with that I-know-the-show-you're-taking-about face and started laughing;
-Or you're playing The Beatles Rock Band with you family and when you read "Hello Goodbye" the only think you can think of is Aiba's coreography for the chorus of his "Hello Goodbye"...even worse, without noticing you start to sing and dance Aiba's song, not the Beatles'

Many other situation happens,and it's incredible how they are the first thing the comes to your head...So that's what a addiction is, well I hope it won't go away so fast...I still NEED to go to Japan to see their concert right? ( ^ . ~ )

Now...Vancouver Olympics -> Sho-chan caster -> picture!

Pic from

This pic is from when Sho-chan interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo...Sho is so cute waiting for him to come and ask  for only 2 minutes but Cristiano Ronaldo is such a jerk! I thought that was impossible to be such an ass with Sho...he's so awesome! =3 but...Cristiano Ronaldo can (can you tell that I don't like him?)...
Sho's english is once again perfect (ok, not perfect...but a lot better than general japanese english) and he's so happy after the interview, I think that he can't really show it in that room, 'cause it's probably for the press and he needs to keep it quiet but keeps saying "Yatta" in a low voice..ah only Sho can be this cute =D


Feb. 3rd, 2010 03:24 pm
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So... I got this on deviantART

here ->

She just draws the cutest imagens ever!!!

But the thing is...I've realized something yesterday! Nino and Sho are soooo great together!!! I mean look at this:

I got this scan from a friend, so I don't know who to credit...gomen!

It's so hard to get any cuter!!!!! I know that Nino is Oh-chan's and everything but you know I really think that these two are just as cute as Nino and Riida  Nino and Sho-chan are a perfect pair!!!
Also there is the fact that put until now I've had 3 ichibans: the first was Jun, I saw Hanadan and was junbait, so he became my first ichiban....after getting to know the band, watching Yamada Taro Monogatari and falling in love with Niji, Nino became the ichiban (who can resist that cute guy singing the most beautiful lyrics ever and playing the piano?!) BUT then I've became a crazy addicted fan and saw almost everything that there is to see about them *especially ChiMi!!! I mean, Sho and Koharu-chan? I want them to be my husband and daughter!!!* and came to the conclusion that Sho is just a prince *Yamada Taro Monogatari image! hehehehe* and my favorite ever and that even watching the other members doramas, they couldn't be like Sho was to me!
So two of my ichiban together? Yeah it's so dreamy =)

Ah almost forgot...Jun got in a accident!!!!! But it seems that everything is ok! When I saw it I was like "WTF? JUN? ACCIDENT? WHAT??? O.O " but I'm happy that it was just a minor thing and nobody got hurt!!!

ps: yay....this one has pictures! I'm improving =) next goal get a cute theme! but I don't really know how to do I guess I'll continue trying!
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I decided it's time to use this space for something....even if people don't read it hehehehe
Anyway, I think from now on I'll be commenting on news about my beloved JE bands =)

To start I guees can't say anything other than Arashi no shukudai-kun ending!!!!
That made me really sad! I became an Arashi fan in the beginning of the year, about started with Hanadan *favorite dorama forever and ever* So as a fan in the beginning that the addiction I went to youtube to search for videos...there I saw lots and lot of Shukudai-kun clips.....that was important for me to become a true fan!!!

I can't help thinking : how am I going to live without "Shiodome Aibaland, in short: Ailand" ??? Will Ogu-san be on the new show??? Will it involve any eating???(loves when they taste food is so funny!)

Ahhhh too many questions yet to be answered!!!

but again it'll be so sad to see Shukudai-kun ending, I just hope the new show will be just as great!


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