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Oh god I don't update in like what ages? since Jun's bday... poor guy, he didn't even get his bday post! DX  but it was so long ago that it really doesn't make sense making it now...sorry Jun >.<'
ah so much randomness to write,  where should I start...

before start a pause for extreme cuteness


Ok we can continue now xD

I downloaded 8Uppers and I LOVED IT!!!! Even though my favorite Eito CD is still Puzzle, all songs from 8Uppers are great! Now I want to kinda desperately download the film... IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!! I was really blown away by Animal magic's PV scenes....I've never really imagined them this grown up, you know with the cigarettes, drinks, well the over all mature look, they appear always very serious, way different from idk their usual goofy attitude, also Maru fighting was new but very good *both thumbs up*, Tacchon in almost every PV scene is holding the baby *in love with the papa!Tacchon idea <3*  and ah Suit!Eito is just *insert crazy fan's nonsense/random words and screams here*
I even made a cute icon from the booklet...but LJ won't let me use it ;~;

so pretty isn't it?!
Ah just watched VSArashi SP...only the part with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.They were so handsome in those suits 8Db *men should be only wear looks always so great >o<* I wanted to much to see Sho speaking English,... and he did it!!! flawlessly I must say <3 It makes me so proud if him ^^ *crazy fangirl is crazy ne xD* I lol-ed at Matsujun overreacting a lot, Tom Cruise asking to play again and then failing at it, and well their first reaction is just the best "Are? Tom Cruise ja ne?" "Cameron Diaz ja ne?" hahahaha I saw this a hundred times before and still couldn't help but laugh a lot xD

Ah I have a really random comment but I thought it was funny. I googled Inocchi and a wikipedia page about a samurai appeared....his name is Ai Inochi Sakurai! I simple LOL-ed so much I mean my mental image was this:



AHHHH SHO AND KITTY AGAIN *hugs computer screen*

that's right I'm THAT much random ¬¬'... ah and the samurai was born in Mimasaka, which reminds me of . . . HANADAN! :D Abe Tsuyoshi's character's name was Mimasaka Akira, why remembered this I have no idea but anyways making connections is fun =)

well that's good enough for another two months not posting ne? I see you guys again on Aiba's birthday Christmas o/ just joking... Riida's bday comes first and with some icons to celebrate I hope :3 (and possibly some for Jun too...I feel bad that Nino had like 100 icons on his bday and Jun had well a 4 lines post =/)

mata ne~


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