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2011-04-01 05:56 am
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Kimi wo wasurenai

after the me-sick-worried-about-my-family post last time I'm afraid this one is not getting happier ;~; (my family is ok tho and that's good)

today for the rest of the world it's April fools day but for me? April's first is my ojiichan's birthday.

My ojiichan is japanese so every year my family, as in dad, mom, little brother, obaachan, ojiichan and me, go to a japanese restaurant where we all eat dinner, me and him are the ones who will only eat sushi until we can't eat even a single grain of rice anymore, and he drinks his whisky, he never drinks except on his birthday and in the end of year festivities. Then we'd come back home, sing happy birthday with a little cake and give him his present before he goes to sleep, normally this present is a piece of clothing, pajamas or shirts. Of course my mom would go crazy around us, with the camera in her hand, screaming "let's take a picture! let's take a picture!". Normally I pose for the pics and then start to get a little impatient since my mom always like to take 10 more than the necessary. 
ne how much is the necessary? What if photos are the only things you have left? I bet that 10 more would be very far from necessary. 

this is year is different...I began April fool's day crying. Crying because today is the first anniversary since my ojiichan passed away. It's strange how things remain so certain for some time, I already knew what I would be doing on april first: the same of every year, dinner with family, cake, present, photos. And somehow things just change: this year the only plan we have is to go to his grave *Oh gosh it's incredible how actually writing things down or even saying it out loud makes it even more painful*
I guess I'll just let the day pass, like it or not it's just another day and than another day come after it. Life won't wait for us to get better, we just have to live and keep the memories dear to us.
おじいちゃんへの手紙 )
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2011-03-11 06:27 am
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a very desperate night

 please be safe! please be safe! please be safe! >_<

How hopeless are we when facing such a powerful entity as the nature...being only able to watch everything being destructed DX

From the bottom of my heart I wish that everybody who has someone they know there and the people who are there can be safe and get news from their loved ones!

This came to mind when I watched Sho-chan's SP on the Kobe earthquake and again I'm thinking: as a architect-to-be how would it feel if the building you put so much effort into bringing to life just fell down and kill innocent people or maybe started a fire which destroyed numerous building which had nothing to do with our profession we work to make things which last for a long time and sometimes in a few hours the everything could be gone away and worse, it always leaves behind in a very concrete way all destructed lives ;~;
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2011-03-09 06:11 am
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a meme \o/

So yeah a meme! I've never done one before but it seems fun and [ profile] azuleanna tagged me so here we go! :D *like the HnA Mario SP XD*

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

answers this way~ )

I changed the last question 'cause after too long thinking I couldn't answer it at all LOL
Oh shit most of my friends are from Refrain too and Azu-chan already tagged them but let's see:[ profile] super_cycy , [ profile] ncazfevr90  , [ profile] nessabn , [ profile] gaiiterz  , [ profile] nessabn  , [ profile] darkhriss , [ profile] super_cycy  and [info]happyeling 

Yatta I did it...well that's it from me! I'll definitely look forward everybody's answers ^^


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2011-01-30 07:11 am
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late happy bday Sho-chan <3


yeah I do...big time =/

on Sho's bday I wasn't on the mood of making a post so I kept the window open but ended up not writing anything. But I still want to write him a bday post and it has to be on his month so, since january is almost over, he it is! ;3

From the 14th until the 19th  I was at the beach! got a little darker...not on a Riida level tho xD And well I always end up playing on the sand with my otouto <3 this time some event was on it's way so I ended up making this! :D


yeah I had to take pictures, 'cause you know when you write something in the sand is most likely that it will be gone the day after ....and it was so cute! <3

anyways when we are at the beach, my family and I always choose a spot and we keep coming back to that same spot at the beach everyday and guess what? when I arrived next day I found this!


and as you guys can see everything was gone apart from Sho's name! I mean what are the odds!? X3
I was so happy it lasted until the next day! but as a test I didn't touch it, I wanted to know how long would it last.
We were at the beach all day and when we left it started wasn't an arashi but still my hopes to see it again the next day pretty much disappeared =/ 

and again when I arrived the next day...IT WAS STILL THERE! I couldn't believed it resisted the rain...I was so happy =')

now I could insert a really big bla bla bla about how this was something that should go away fast and lasted longer than I expected and how it is totally similar to my whole Arashi addiction...anyways but it would be too big  and probably no one would read it ^^'

Lastly after I was said goodbye to the sea and all that awesome beach feeling this appeared while I was on the road:
In the end it was such a good way to come back home....being welcomed by a rainbow <3

well again...

I hope you keep on being the marvelous person you already are and above all things I hope you're always happy! ^^



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2011-01-04 03:14 am

Kouhaku's thoughts

So 2011is finally here! I hope everybody had fun on the New Year's celebrations :D

Well was I said on the other post I was crazy to watch Kouhaku and I did! well I can say that I had a lot of different feelings xD LOL
Everything next, aside the pink comments, was me tweeting through the show....after it was over and I was reading it I ROFL so bad! I probably was the worse person to be with! hahaha me and my mood swings! sorry [ profile] isabela729  ^^' I hope we can watch Kouhaku together next year too 

Here we go~ [plus Bunny!Sho pic at the end ;)] )
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2010-12-31 02:42 am
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Kouhaku and New Years!

 Ahhhhh waiting for Kouhaku to start! there's only 5 hours 20 minutes left! xD *keeps staring at the clock so it goes faster*
[ profile] isabela729  will sleep over and so that we can watch Arashi hosting Kouhaku tomorrow! yaaaaaaaaay ^^v demo ne due to the damn time zone it will be at 8 a.m.! dakara I'M NOT SLEEPING TONIGHT! \m/ (last year's Déjà vu ;D) again I couldn't forgive myself if I overslept and missed it! So to prevent that from happening I'm not sleeping at all d ( ^ w ^ ) b I guess I'm that stupid ;)

While waiting for Kouhaku we watched the whole Music Station Super Live! lots of good and bad impressions but I'm not saying it all 'cause you know I don't want to create trouble with people who have other fandoms :D Just saying that the Johnny boys were great! Mainly Arashi *obviously*, Eito and TOKIO! <3

well since I have a visit at home I won't make this post longer so I just want to wish everybody


I really hope that next year will be filled with wonderful moments for you guys! 

And welcome Sho!month 

また 来年~

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2010-12-26 08:10 pm

late post is late

Hi hi~

I must say that I fail too much at making LJ entries TwT #Shofeelings

It was like months ago, I was planning to make one when I heard Fighting man since I liked it so much (and has been a while since I last liked a News song) but well that failed. Then it was Oh-chan's bday! aaaaand I was so busy with university stuff that I couldn't make a entry as well and now on Aiba-chan's bday I let it pass too! I'm such a bad fangirl  DX

But know what I don't care that it is late!




Hahahahaha realizing now how I abandoned my LJ made me kinda sad x3 Well at least I'm working on my subbing teams meaning more Arashi awesomeness to share with everybody! ( ^ 0 ^ )v 

So I'm off to sub some more ;D
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2010-10-18 06:47 am
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after more than a month of nothing finally a post!

Oh god I don't update in like what ages? since Jun's bday... poor guy, he didn't even get his bday post! DX  but it was so long ago that it really doesn't make sense making it now...sorry Jun >.<'
ah so much randomness to write,  where should I start...

before start a pause for extreme cuteness


Ok we can continue now xD

I downloaded 8Uppers and I LOVED IT!!!! Even though my favorite Eito CD is still Puzzle, all songs from 8Uppers are great! Now I want to kinda desperately download the film... IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!! I was really blown away by Animal magic's PV scenes....I've never really imagined them this grown up, you know with the cigarettes, drinks, well the over all mature look, they appear always very serious, way different from idk their usual goofy attitude, also Maru fighting was new but very good *both thumbs up*, Tacchon in almost every PV scene is holding the baby *in love with the papa!Tacchon idea <3*  and ah Suit!Eito is just *insert crazy fan's nonsense/random words and screams here*
I even made a cute icon from the booklet...but LJ won't let me use it ;~;

so pretty isn't it?!
Ah just watched VSArashi SP...only the part with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.They were so handsome in those suits 8Db *men should be only wear looks always so great >o<* I wanted to much to see Sho speaking English,... and he did it!!! flawlessly I must say <3 It makes me so proud if him ^^ *crazy fangirl is crazy ne xD* I lol-ed at Matsujun overreacting a lot, Tom Cruise asking to play again and then failing at it, and well their first reaction is just the best "Are? Tom Cruise ja ne?" "Cameron Diaz ja ne?" hahahaha I saw this a hundred times before and still couldn't help but laugh a lot xD

Ah I have a really random comment but I thought it was funny. I googled Inocchi and a wikipedia page about a samurai appeared....his name is Ai Inochi Sakurai! I simple LOL-ed so much I mean my mental image was this:



AHHHH SHO AND KITTY AGAIN *hugs computer screen*

that's right I'm THAT much random ¬¬'... ah and the samurai was born in Mimasaka, which reminds me of . . . HANADAN! :D Abe Tsuyoshi's character's name was Mimasaka Akira, why remembered this I have no idea but anyways making connections is fun =)

well that's good enough for another two months not posting ne? I see you guys again on Aiba's birthday Christmas o/ just joking... Riida's bday comes first and with some icons to celebrate I hope :3 (and possibly some for Jun too...I feel bad that Nino had like 100 icons on his bday and Jun had well a 4 lines post =/)

mata ne~
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2010-08-30 03:39 am
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1 2 3 ...

... I'll set you free Itsudemo koko he come back to me!
I wanna be useful (really Jun ?! xD) kanjiru mama beautiful~

 Hime Otanjoubi omedetou <3

*proper post tomorrow =X*
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2010-08-16 03:44 am

A happy architecture student/arashi fan

On the first semester at university we had to make a model of a well known project from a famous architect...I begged my group that we picked the japanese guy just because . . . well he was japanese and I generally like japanese people *stupid ne? I know  -.-' * anyways they ended up agreeing with me and we chose Tadao Ando's Church on the water. 

The glass on the main room opens on summer and closes on winter

Please! how beautiful is that?! one day I'll marry on this church! *dreams away*

our pretty pretty model <3

ah come on...we had little benches! it was so cute and tiny xD

Tadao Ando was once a truck diver, pugilist and by his decision he became an architect. The greatest thing about him is that everything he learned was reading books and traveling...he doesn't have a architect degree and yet he won the Pritzker prize *the most important recognition an architect can possibly get*
After knowing his life and work I ended up discovering my favorite architect...the way he brings nature into his projects is just perfect really! I already told my aunt that when I visit her on Japan we'll make a tour to see as many Tadao Ando's buildings as possible! We definitely must go to Hokkaido to visit this church! *so what she lives near Nagoya? Let's go north! 8D*
After hearing that Sho-chan interviewed Ando on Zero I freaked out and just HAD to watch it, and guess what? surprise surprise I LOVED IT...come on Sho-chan is my ichiban and seeing him with my favorite architect, yeah you can say it is at least twice the usual fangirling xD the Mori no umi project I'm make sure that when I'm in Tokyo try to go there too ^^  it's actually similar the process that happened to a park near my house, before it became a park it was a place where people would dispose their waste, it's just sad really but seeing how well it turned out to be I hope that by the time I go to Tokyo more trees will be planted and the mori will be a just bigger and bigger :D

Now for Casa Brutus dear Sho-chan went to Naoshima's Contemporary Art Museum...I was waiting and waiting for the scans and when they came out I was so so happy *keep starring at the monitor for hours* but I mean that's a awesome project too and well there was Sho standing there! To make things short I freaked again *O* I still need an icon from that photoshoot!
AND...for my surprise on the last FC pamphlet he went all the way to the Church on the water and made a photoshoot there *faints*
please he's on my favorite Tadao's building! I can't be happier =D by now my aunt probably already received the pamphlet and well now I'll just have to ask her to send it here >w<

so lots of great things lately...I'm definitely a really really incredibly happy architecture student/arashi fan ^^

*keep staring at the icon*


I need to sleep now....
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2010-07-28 02:42 am
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some cute icons :) vacation is almost over TT^TT and of course I didn't do half of the things I wanted to do!
-I wanted to do lots of japanese lessons (yeah right...damn you Arashi for taking my whole time! not that I really mean that :3)
-I have 6 fanfics that my dear friend told me to read
-I need to watch Otomen *cute Osaka Masaki is now one of my fav actors :)*
-I should have already finished all my driving lessons

but at the same time that I don't want my vacation to end TIME NEEDS TO GO FASTER!!!!

NEW. CD. AUGUST. 04. *faints*

I want to buy this cd...probably I'll ask my aunt who lives in Japan to buy it for me and send it here 8D
I was talking to her on the phone the other day and she told me that when she goes to work she passes by a store that has everything from JE
ahhh I want it...the whole store! I thought of asking her to buy me lots and lots of things but for all the trouble I would cause I had at least put up a cute puppy face, and unfortunately on a phone that's impossible xD

somehow I just remembered I have a few icons on my pc so I'll post them! yay (",)v


btw what made me remember of the icons? you know the cute puppy face earlier..yeah kore desu!

Try saying "No!" to him...IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!!! >W<

-Do not hotlink
-Please please leave a comment if taking *knowing people liked it makes me happy =)*
-Credit keeeerols ;D

ja ne~
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2010-07-15 02:07 pm
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Happiness =)

So being a fan girl is only natural  for us to see our idols shows right? Sooo this fan found out earlier this week a program that on which I can watch japanese channels on real time *Kerols go crazy, dances around and calls her friend who was in the movies sorry Dorinha xD*

This all happened Tuesday, yep bad day...Arashi show are:
   -VS Arashi
   -Himitsu no Arashi-chan
   -News Zero (Sho-chan)
   -Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen (Aiba-chan)
   -Arashi ni Shiyagare 

I had to be satisfied seeing them in ZoomIn Super's raking of best sales *or I guess that's what it was* 

Anyways today much for my happiness it was VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi-chan day so I woke up at 7a.m. because of the time difference (I was very unhappy about waking up since I went to sleep around 4 a.m. but I already didn't sleep to see them *damn you Kouhaku* so 3 hours of sleep seemed pretty good to me *one thing I got from architecture: any sleep is good enough, 5 minutes of sleep is an eternity and the sad thing is that I really mean it 8Db*), so after waking up and went happily to my computer to watch them *at this point I was smiling like a idiot*

Actually today's VS Arashi ep was great, really it was the perfect ep to be the "first" to see...this time Jun was on the guest team, Nino was fangirling from the start of the show until the very end *too adorable* and well PLUS ONE GUEST WAS OGU-SAAAAAN *screams a little* Ah I love so much Arashi+Ogu-san, that was one of the reasons why AnS was so awesome, that when he appeared I was almost screaming *I had someone sleeping in the same room I was so I controlled myself*
HnA wasn't as exciting...too much talk, my japanese isn't  this good yet =X but Mote Arashi Dame Arashi with Higashiyama sempai was fun, at least the result was what I wanted ;D and VIP Room with Nakashima Mika-san was interesting I guess, Sho+snake was hahahaha kawaii and well Jun your were only picked because of Doumyouji...that's sad...

Ah it was a awesome morning! Now I shall finish subbing the video I'm working on  *praying that it'll work* =D

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2010-07-10 04:21 am

To be free and personal win ;)

 So I gave up on updating my lj...
USO! It's not that I've given up on just that lately I'm too lazy to do it xD

let's see, things to talk about:

-Haikei chichiue-sama is a wonderful dorama, I'm so pleased to see Nino in a role like this, serious I I was saying to my friend this dorama could easily be a movie and a good one ;)...I'm almost finishing it, there are still 3 eps left *the depression from when a dorama ends is coming now =/*

-I passed my japanese exam! 8D *the most colorful and gay fireworks ever* I was so afraid this time...come on it's not right to ask to a person to remember how to write and read that many kanjis! I really don't know how japanese people do it seriously! but anyways I did it *scream and dance >w< *

-TO BE FREE!!! so I waited until the single was released to listen to the song again ¬¬ and the first impression wasn't really good...actually I didn't like it at first but yep now I'm already addicted to it *after the forth time listening to it I ended up liking the song* So they sang To be free on Music Station like yesterday or today I don't know, I got the raw video and i'm trying to sub it! I say trying 'cause it's the first time ever that I'm using the program so it is still a bit complicated  but to see it almost done made me so so happy! ^^ *jumps around*

I probably have more things to say but I have to go to sleep now... so

ja ne~
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2010-06-27 01:45 am
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a sad sad day

Today is not a very happy day I:
-had to do the preps for the ceremony for my grandfather's one month death anniversary (yeah I don't know how to explain it well but it has been one month since his death and there's not exactly a celebration but a mass and after that a lunch for the family) so as I said not happy at all ='(
-and I officially gave up on the idea of going to this year's Arashi concert in Nagoya. I spoke to my family who lives there and kinda decided that since this is the first year without my grandfather I should be with my grandma  on the holidays and not in Nagoya...but going to this show was one of the few things in life that I really wanted, like if my situation was different I would definitely go to another country on a simple impulse of wanting it (worrying about money? that's for week people! hahahahah yeah sure, of course I'm not rich enough to think like this)...but anyways this year is another no go *tension down*
I made icons from the Monster official pics...I'll post them here later
So I'll leave with all my sadness...I feel so emo right now *not amused*
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2010-06-17 03:01 am
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Omedetou Nino-chan! >:3.

Kyaaaaa It's finally Nino-chan's birthday!!! Otanjoubi omedetou Neener!!!! *fireworks*

And also finally I'm on vacation! YATTA! \o/ *jumps* This semester was the worse ever and now I can get the well deserved rest! =D
Since I'm on vacation I can do whatever I want soooooo I SPENT THE WHOLE DAY MAKING NINO-CHAN'S ICONS!!!!! *screaming a bit 8D* Actualy the plan was to make them on the beginning of the week and post it here slowly, but as you can imagine that didn't really worked out so I decided just to upload everything I did together...
So this is the first time I'm sharing anything so I need to say some things:
-Please do not hotlink
-I would LOVE to know if anybody likes my icons so please comment if taking it ;)
-And credit keeeerols if using onegai





















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2010-05-31 01:20 am
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random comments

Well much happened not that I fell like going over everything here, anyway my tension is really down right now...but since I'm trying to write here at least once a week or something like this I think that some comments wouldn't hurt *it's good to take your head out of things right?!*

So I finally saw the Mote Arashi Dame Arashi that Nino falls!!! poor Nino I didn't think that his answers were bad enough to make him the worse...actually I think that everyone did it quite well this time! There wasn't any OMG-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking-when-you-answered-this moments so I'm happy with that...ok I'm also happy with half-naked Nino so yep Nino-chan you fail sometimes too *even though I can't really say that Nino fails...he's just too amazing to fail, that's Sho-chan's job* Anyways it was fun to watch Nino falling into the ice!

screencap from soratakaku's subbed video

There's also the Monster performance on Music Station and minisute/talk! so comments about that:

-NINO MESSED UP THE CHOREOGRAPHY! well soon after he smiles so brigthly that you just forget your name that he made a mistake, but nonetheless he did it!

-I'm so in love with Aiba's looks right now...everything, especially his hair, is perfect *surprise surprise*

-Passed the first shock Sho-chan's hair looked so much better

-Riida is looking and sounding great as always!

-Jun does the break thing again still think that it's just full of  fail...I really don't like it but that's just me or not

-The clothes were a bit modified...and I think that they're a lot better than the PV's
-The minisute! ah what not to love about Arashi's way of thinking: "if the band is lined up you should grab the butt of the person  in front of you!" I mean can I do that too? Sho-chan's "butt grabbing, well yeah we do it from time to time." made me laugh!

-Have everyone noticed that on MS they always have perverted talks? this time's was so fun...hahahaha Who didn't wish to be there when Sho, Nino and Aiba took that shower or any other shower,or to be able to see things from Sho's angle xD

-From the other topic of the talk...well, the fan laughing and passing Riida was the funniest right?! His face was priceless! Fans please if you went through all the trouble to see them, shake everybody's hands! Don't forget/ignore any of them! otherwise it will end up with scenes like these:

Aiba shake hands

Jun shake hands

Oh-chan and Sho-chan make the you're-not-going-to-shake-my-hand-puppy-face while Nino, well Nino is just too awesome to be upset for something like this so... he's just there being awesome

screencaps from the video I downloaded at shokim's lj, credits to Ninoholic
Time to go... ja ne

Ps: Margs olha o Junsu no fundinho das duas primeiras fotos!
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2010-05-27 07:06 pm

ahhhhhhh new layout!!!! 8D

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have a new layout!!!!!!!

AND IT'S SO SO SO SO SO CUTEEEEEE *nhaaaaa eh lindooooooooooooooooooo*

8D 8D 8D 8D brigada margs 8D 8D 8D 8D
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2010-05-24 12:38 am
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Monster! [2]

Ah I finally listened to it!!!! AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!! \o/

I really really really loved both new songs... since the release I'm listening to monster on  repeat xD I'm in love with it...everybody was saying that the pv looked like truth, so I was expecting the song to be similar too but I think they're really different *not that sounding like truth would be a problem...but it's good to have new songs right?!* Anyways, I especially liked this song! It has the Kaibutsu-kun felling to it was a perfect fit (",)v

The making of and the pv were just FUN! I didn't realized how much I was missing new music related things *was going crazy over kaibutsu-kun and Arashi ni shiyagare* but to see them singing and dancing a new song was great =) not even to mention member ai *so what Nino was punching hurts sometimes ;D*

Now a gif from the cutest part! Sho-chan, Aiba-chan and Jun not being able to stop singing on Riida's solo part. It's ok guys...I know is not easy to not sing the ~monsutaa~ part *tried and failed hahahahahahaha* *the only gift I found was Sho's fail (of course I would only find his...his fail is away cuter than the others) so here it is*

Ok when Sho-chan gets scared by the fire it's away too cute as well

Ah and Aiba's Aiyaaa~ was a highlight too =D *they're so international on this, speaking in chinese and proud*

Last but not least I heard Yoko's mom passed ='( he's always so lively *screaming and plotting evil plans for the others members* it's hard to imagine him in a moment like this...but I really hope he's ok and that the sadness and hurt doesn't  last so long (-_-. )

util then~

ps:all gifs by ai_baka
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2010-05-16 03:15 am
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I always listen to singles as soon and it leaks on the internet *can't wait can't wait can't wait* and my friends always tells me that by doing so I'm losing the excitement of waiting for the single to come out so...this time I've decided  to wait until the 19th to listen to Monster.
The sad is that I've already watched Kaibutsu-kun and everytime the music starts I turn the volume down so that I can't hear it. ='(
Today I enter the internet and what did I find?


Why?Why?Why?WHY YOU'RE DOING THAT TO ME FANDOM?!?! *kneels and screams*

Well as  you can see I'm a lot bit frustrated...but it's ok, I'm on a coundown! 2 days 20 hours 53 minutes 42 seconds... 41... 40... 39... 38... *ahhhh going crazy!!!! Time go faster!*

No theme on the pic here...they just look incredibly hot on these! And we all love hot Arashi right?! 8D

I don't really remember where I got this from so the credit goes to whomever scanned these....GOMENASAI!
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2010-05-09 07:05 pm
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my grampa's  hospitalized right a very bad state....

it's strange how sometimes the lyrics are just perfect for the moment

Arashi - Snowflake
The cold rain is now changed into snow in very quiet town
Where are you now, how do you spend your time?

In the distance where my breath turns white
I saw the same scenery on that day.

In the modest of everyday,
how much of you have I found?
Before the seasons flow away,
I want to see you again

Unseen kindness like saying "your clothes looks good on you today"
That's definitely how to create happiness

My hands are grasping the warm dream
Forever, I'm constantly painting alone

Don't stop the overflowing tears
Sweet memory burns and fall
Even of our footprints fade
I will not forget you

In the modest of everyday
How much of you have I found?
Before the seasons flow away
I want to see you again

No matter how many dreams go in vain
Even if our destiny disappear someday
Even if our footprints fade
I will not forget you