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after the me-sick-worried-about-my-family post last time I'm afraid this one is not getting happier ;~; (my family is ok tho and that's good)

today for the rest of the world it's April fools day but for me? April's first is my ojiichan's birthday.

My ojiichan is japanese so every year my family, as in dad, mom, little brother, obaachan, ojiichan and me, go to a japanese restaurant where we all eat dinner, me and him are the ones who will only eat sushi until we can't eat even a single grain of rice anymore, and he drinks his whisky, he never drinks except on his birthday and in the end of year festivities. Then we'd come back home, sing happy birthday with a little cake and give him his present before he goes to sleep, normally this present is a piece of clothing, pajamas or shirts. Of course my mom would go crazy around us, with the camera in her hand, screaming "let's take a picture! let's take a picture!". Normally I pose for the pics and then start to get a little impatient since my mom always like to take 10 more than the necessary. 
ne how much is the necessary? What if photos are the only things you have left? I bet that 10 more would be very far from necessary. 

this is year is different...I began April fool's day crying. Crying because today is the first anniversary since my ojiichan passed away. It's strange how things remain so certain for some time, I already knew what I would be doing on april first: the same of every year, dinner with family, cake, present, photos. And somehow things just change: this year the only plan we have is to go to his grave *Oh gosh it's incredible how actually writing things down or even saying it out loud makes it even more painful*
I guess I'll just let the day pass, like it or not it's just another day and than another day come after it. Life won't wait for us to get better, we just have to live and keep the memories dear to us.
this is the letter I'm taking to his grave tomorrow

sorry for the sad post guys...I just needed to get this out of my system I even cryed a bit more while writing this. It's good to cry in time like these, you give away a bit of the hurt inside you

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