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So 2011is finally here! I hope everybody had fun on the New Year's celebrations :D

Well was I said on the other post I was crazy to watch Kouhaku and I did! well I can say that I had a lot of different feelings xD LOL
Everything next, aside the pink comments, was me tweeting through the show....after it was over and I was reading it I ROFL so bad! I probably was the worse person to be with! hahaha me and my mood swings! sorry [ profile] isabela729  ^^' I hope we can watch Kouhaku together next year too 

Nonstop fangirling starts here:


yukai tsukai kaibutsu-kun <3 just too adorable for words!

LOL for Sho not jumping with everybody! sasuga fail!boy xD

Jun is teh translator for the mascots!!!! adorable X3

OMFG WHY IS AKB48 EVERYWHERE?! IF THE DARE TO BUTT IN ARASHI'S PERFORMANCE I'LL GET SO INCREDIBLY MAD ¬¬ Sorry but they were backdancing for everybody! In my opinion they were appeared on screen a little TOO much, like it was getting kinda ridiculous =/

AHHHHH NEW CLOTHES!!!!Looking good so far 8Db *afraid of the other clothes yet to come >.<*

Nishino Kana-chan! so much prettier than the music station super live dress!:D I LOVED LOVED LOVED Kana-chan singing Best friends <3

too hard saying Funky Monkey Babys Sho-chan? LOL fail!boy won't disappoint his fans <3 Sho-chan was so cute stuttering xD

too many not interesting songs! I'll end up sleeping DX (says the person who's been awake for 22 hours straight)

are? First Oh-chan disappeared to dress like Kaibutsu-kun, now Jun is missing! will he come up as Taiga xD

AHHHHHHHHH TOKI NO NAGARE NI MIO WO MAKASE~ ANATA NO MUNE NI YORISOI~ UWA I LOVE THIS SONG <3 Anyone likes Teresa Teng's Toki no nagare ni mio wo makase? I sing it all the time at family parties LOL

ah Jun just went to the audience =/ I wanted Taiga!

Le arc en ciel's pink bass is back from MSSL The pink bass was so pretty!!! If I didn't had won a keyboard on Christmas I would ask for it! So what I would never play it? IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

yaaaaay shirogumi is winning!

Oh Nagase sang Uta no Chikara? so happy for him Last year he didn't sing it so to see him as one of the few that were holding a mic made me happy ^^


ahhhh advance <3

Nagase threw his thing to play guitar with LOL I have no idea what it's called in english xD LOL for English fail in the middle of it >.<

uwa~I LOVED Furusato's performance! and the pics on the back! so cute ;D

it's getting clooooose~ d ( > w < ) b

ahhhhh I bet Arashi's changing clothes right now :D

ahhhhh this song is endless!!!! nothing against it! just the fact that it's delaying Arashi's performance ¬¬ I was probably really annoying at this point ^^'

WHY NAKAI WHY?! poor Nakai, I was so annoying at that time that when he appeared I was like "He's talking too? where's Arashi?!?!?! D:"


just stopped after that ridiculous performance *don't have word for it ¬¬* Well what can I say? I hated it :D Kouhaku's performance should be in a whole new level! I did realize that all performances were more simple this year but please, they changed clothes in 10 secs last year, it isn't so hard to do just a little thing that uau us fans, I mean we're not very picky! xD also I need to say that the MSSL's was way better than Kouhaku's perf, AND IT SHOULDN'T! Everybody who made success on 2010 was at MSSL, but only selected performers are allowed on Kouhaku, that's how more important it is! anyways at least on MSSL they sang Love rainbow too!

I really did stop tweeting after the performance xD my tension was so down ^^'
and you know when I was back to my normal happy state? after JCD's performance! it was incredibly adorable and everything I expected from Kouhaku's performance! (ok they can't have that level of dorkness on a Kouhaku performance, but still I prefer happy-cute-dork!Arashi over the just-dancing -the-usual-choreography-and-looking-good!Arashi) and in the end Sho-chan made bunny ears with his hands! chou kawaii~ <3

now please take a moment to analyze their poses:

thank you xD

ja ne~

btw the effect on the background makes Jun's face so white! yaaaay after golden!Jun there's the new white-ghost!Jun 8Db


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