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 So I gave up on updating my lj...
USO! It's not that I've given up on just that lately I'm too lazy to do it xD

let's see, things to talk about:

-Haikei chichiue-sama is a wonderful dorama, I'm so pleased to see Nino in a role like this, serious I I was saying to my friend this dorama could easily be a movie and a good one ;)...I'm almost finishing it, there are still 3 eps left *the depression from when a dorama ends is coming now =/*

-I passed my japanese exam! 8D *the most colorful and gay fireworks ever* I was so afraid this time...come on it's not right to ask to a person to remember how to write and read that many kanjis! I really don't know how japanese people do it seriously! but anyways I did it *scream and dance >w< *

-TO BE FREE!!! so I waited until the single was released to listen to the song again ¬¬ and the first impression wasn't really good...actually I didn't like it at first but yep now I'm already addicted to it *after the forth time listening to it I ended up liking the song* So they sang To be free on Music Station like yesterday or today I don't know, I got the raw video and i'm trying to sub it! I say trying 'cause it's the first time ever that I'm using the program so it is still a bit complicated  but to see it almost done made me so so happy! ^^ *jumps around*

I probably have more things to say but I have to go to sleep now... so

ja ne~

Date: 2010-07-12 03:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
tentando legendar o.O?
vejo que as aulas estão dando frutos! =]


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