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Ah I finally listened to it!!!! AND IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!! \o/

I really really really loved both new songs... since the release I'm listening to monster on  repeat xD I'm in love with it...everybody was saying that the pv looked like truth, so I was expecting the song to be similar too but I think they're really different *not that sounding like truth would be a problem...but it's good to have new songs right?!* Anyways, I especially liked this song! It has the Kaibutsu-kun felling to it was a perfect fit (",)v

The making of and the pv were just FUN! I didn't realized how much I was missing new music related things *was going crazy over kaibutsu-kun and Arashi ni shiyagare* but to see them singing and dancing a new song was great =) not even to mention member ai *so what Nino was punching hurts sometimes ;D*

Now a gif from the cutest part! Sho-chan, Aiba-chan and Jun not being able to stop singing on Riida's solo part. It's ok guys...I know is not easy to not sing the ~monsutaa~ part *tried and failed hahahahahahaha* *the only gift I found was Sho's fail (of course I would only find his...his fail is away cuter than the others) so here it is*

Ok when Sho-chan gets scared by the fire it's away too cute as well

Ah and Aiba's Aiyaaa~ was a highlight too =D *they're so international on this, speaking in chinese and proud*

Last but not least I heard Yoko's mom passed ='( he's always so lively *screaming and plotting evil plans for the others members* it's hard to imagine him in a moment like this...but I really hope he's ok and that the sadness and hurt doesn't  last so long (-_-. )

util then~

ps:all gifs by ai_baka

Date: 2010-05-24 01:40 pm (UTC)
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TCHURU *aparece a gente de bruno no fundo do pv*


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