Jul. 28th, 2010

keeeerols: (lindo xD)
 Soooooo...my vacation is almost over TT^TT and of course I didn't do half of the things I wanted to do!
-I wanted to do lots of japanese lessons (yeah right...damn you Arashi for taking my whole time! not that I really mean that :3)
-I have 6 fanfics that my dear friend told me to read
-I need to watch Otomen *cute Osaka Masaki is now one of my fav actors :)*
-I should have already finished all my driving lessons

but at the same time that I don't want my vacation to end TIME NEEDS TO GO FASTER!!!!

NEW. CD. AUGUST. 04. *faints*

I want to buy this cd...probably I'll ask my aunt who lives in Japan to buy it for me and send it here 8D
I was talking to her on the phone the other day and she told me that when she goes to work she passes by a store that has everything from JE
ahhh I want it...the whole store! I thought of asking her to buy me lots and lots of things but for all the trouble I would cause I had at least put up a cute puppy face, and unfortunately on a phone that's impossible xD

somehow I just remembered I have a few icons on my pc so I'll post them! yay (",)v


btw what made me remember of the icons? you know the cute puppy face earlier..yeah kore desu!

Try saying "No!" to him...IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!!! >W<

-Do not hotlink
-Please please leave a comment if taking *knowing people liked it makes me happy =)*
-Credit keeeerols ;D

ja ne~


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