May. 31st, 2010

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Well much happened not that I fell like going over everything here, anyway my tension is really down right now...but since I'm trying to write here at least once a week or something like this I think that some comments wouldn't hurt *it's good to take your head out of things right?!*

So I finally saw the Mote Arashi Dame Arashi that Nino falls!!! poor Nino I didn't think that his answers were bad enough to make him the worse...actually I think that everyone did it quite well this time! There wasn't any OMG-what-the-hell-were-you-thinking-when-you-answered-this moments so I'm happy with that...ok I'm also happy with half-naked Nino so yep Nino-chan you fail sometimes too *even though I can't really say that Nino fails...he's just too amazing to fail, that's Sho-chan's job* Anyways it was fun to watch Nino falling into the ice!

screencap from soratakaku's subbed video

There's also the Monster performance on Music Station and minisute/talk! so comments about that:

-NINO MESSED UP THE CHOREOGRAPHY! well soon after he smiles so brigthly that you just forget your name that he made a mistake, but nonetheless he did it!

-I'm so in love with Aiba's looks right now...everything, especially his hair, is perfect *surprise surprise*

-Passed the first shock Sho-chan's hair looked so much better

-Riida is looking and sounding great as always!

-Jun does the break thing again still think that it's just full of  fail...I really don't like it but that's just me or not

-The clothes were a bit modified...and I think that they're a lot better than the PV's
-The minisute! ah what not to love about Arashi's way of thinking: "if the band is lined up you should grab the butt of the person  in front of you!" I mean can I do that too? Sho-chan's "butt grabbing, well yeah we do it from time to time." made me laugh!

-Have everyone noticed that on MS they always have perverted talks? this time's was so fun...hahahaha Who didn't wish to be there when Sho, Nino and Aiba took that shower or any other shower,or to be able to see things from Sho's angle xD

-From the other topic of the talk...well, the fan laughing and passing Riida was the funniest right?! His face was priceless! Fans please if you went through all the trouble to see them, shake everybody's hands! Don't forget/ignore any of them! otherwise it will end up with scenes like these:

Aiba shake hands

Jun shake hands

Oh-chan and Sho-chan make the you're-not-going-to-shake-my-hand-puppy-face while Nino, well Nino is just too awesome to be upset for something like this so... he's just there being awesome

screencaps from the video I downloaded at shokim's lj, credits to Ninoholic
Time to go... ja ne

Ps: Margs olha o Junsu no fundinho das duas primeiras fotos!


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