Feb. 1st, 2010 12:57 am
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Ahhh has everyone seen the photo of Jun in NY???
He looked just like a little kid!!!! Sooo kawaii =)

Every since I found out that Nino was acting in Gantz I'm searching everything about it...
It's was funny really...I love mangas, so when I heard Nino was doing it and that he loved the manga I was like "lets read it to see who Nino will be" but the thing is I'm the Shojo manga type of girl and Gantz as a huge NG for me, but it was my mistake...I couldn't find the manga so I saw the anime, in the manga is easier to skip parts that you REALLY don't want to see hehehehe I finally found the manga and I'm reading it, it's still a bit not-what-I-would-pick-to-read kind of felling but I'm getting to know the plot and Nino's character so that's good...

In the beginning when Kurono and Masaru die (you guys knew it right?! this isn't a spoiler at all!) and Kurono's head flies off his body all I could think about was "OMG THAT WILL BE NINO'S HEAD!!!NO NO NO I CAN'T SEE THAT...NINO'S HEAD WITHOUT HIS BODY STICKED TO IT!!!!" hahahaha

But seeing the photos of this scene, Nino so incredibly handsome as he always is,I think it will be ok I really, really hope I'll be ok

Anyway I'm really looking forward to this movie, I think that's because Nino seems very fond of this project since he's a fan of the manga so his actiong will probably be just perfect!


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