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I had a day filled with stuff to do, mainly a huge project for university. But the whole time I was like "It's today, the day Arashi no Shukudai-kun ends". Still I had things to do, so I couldn't really stop just to think about it...
After I came home I went straight to LJ to see Sho-chan's kiss on Tokujo Kabachi *crazy fan/friend mailed me the news so I had to see it*
While searching for the pic on my frinds I saw a LJ with the last sp from Shukudai-kun...without thinking twice I downloaded it...
The thing is: I'm working hard on the japanese, but still it's a bit hard to understand fast conversations
After it ended downloading I started watching it immediately ...And much for my happiness I understood most of what they said! =D
Still the sadness is so think we won't have that scenario, Ogu-san, lots of strange food, guests in box, embarrassing t-shirts and ailand =(

I wrote the text above the day  Shukudai-kun ended, but due to some problems I couldn't post it....after I'll make a proper memorial about Shukudai-kun *I really miss it ='(*

University projects are endless, so I don't really have the time to update here, but I'm still aware of the fact that I have a LJ account and I expect to be able to post soon! *I want a vacation like NOW =P*

Ashita wo shiinjite susumitai *failing on stop myself from watching the 5x10 concert*


pura sedução

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vai trabalhar, vagaba :(


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