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So, the Vancouver Winter Olympics started...and it was so funny when I turned on the TV and saw that the opening cerimony was being aired, the first thing that popped into my head was "Ah Sho-chan is there right now", it wasn't "How beautiful" or "Ah Nelly Furtado and Brian Adams are singing together" no, of course it was about Arashi xD

I was watching the speed skating men's final and the one of the United States athlete's name was Apolo OHNO...I mean what is the chance that a guy from the US has the same last name as Riida o.O Anyway, I ended up cheering for him...and he got the silver! But I felt so bad for the 2 korean athletes who were in second and third place, on the last curve they fell and then Ohno passed first I laughed, but imagine what is to work so hard for the Olympic Games and then fall in the finals...I really fell sorry for them...

I can't wait for the subbed videos of Sho as the Olympic caster!

Now for the stupid fan talk hehehehe
It's strange how fans end up linking EVERYTHING to Arashi, everything really... I'm taking about something like:
-You are watching The lighning thief with your Arashi obsessed friend and when you see a random guy making bubbles you turn to each other and say "That reminded me of Nino on Himitsu no Arashi-chan" and the funniest thing: both turn at the same time;
-When friends are talking about whales (ah it's a common topic, sure!) and you start extremely excited: "I saw a show *you don't mention that the show is from the japanese band you are addicted to, of course* where the whale licked a guy! And as strange as it seems it was cute" and is no suprise that the friend from the topic above was with you, obviously she looked at you with that I-know-the-show-you're-taking-about face and started laughing;
-Or you're playing The Beatles Rock Band with you family and when you read "Hello Goodbye" the only think you can think of is Aiba's coreography for the chorus of his "Hello Goodbye"...even worse, without noticing you start to sing and dance Aiba's song, not the Beatles'

Many other situation happens,and it's incredible how they are the first thing the comes to your head...So that's what a addiction is, well I hope it won't go away so fast...I still NEED to go to Japan to see their concert right? ( ^ . ~ )

Now...Vancouver Olympics -> Sho-chan caster -> picture!

Pic from

This pic is from when Sho-chan interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo...Sho is so cute waiting for him to come and ask  for only 2 minutes but Cristiano Ronaldo is such a jerk! I thought that was impossible to be such an ass with Sho...he's so awesome! =3 but...Cristiano Ronaldo can (can you tell that I don't like him?)...
Sho's english is once again perfect (ok, not perfect...but a lot better than general japanese english) and he's so happy after the interview, I think that he can't really show it in that room, 'cause it's probably for the press and he needs to keep it quiet but keeps saying "Yatta" in a low voice..ah only Sho can be this cute =D
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